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Thinking about plastic surgery procedures?

Dr Dufresne helps women, men, and children become happier with their physical appearance or functioning through carefully listening to his patients, conscientious evaluation and planning, innovative and meticulous treatment, and diligent follow-up care after their plastic surgery procedures.

While he has additional training in face and skull surgery, Dr Dufresne offers a broad complement of cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, and cosmetic injections. His medical aesthetician provides non-medical skincare, and a specially curated selection of skincare products are available for purchase from the office.

It’s important to Dr Dufresne that he understands his patients’ perspectives, expectations, and any factors in their health history and life that may influence outcomes of their plastic surgery procedure. We encourage you to take some time to consider these matters for yourself, as well. You can read more about making decisions and planning to have a plastic surgery procedure here

Not happy with your body?

Is plastic surgery an option?

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Many people may be unhappy with some aspect of their body for a variety of reasons. In fact, no one has a totally perfect body, and everyone can point out something that bothers them. But, how do you know if any of a vast array of plastic surgery procedures could be the right solution for you? While plastic surgery procedures can address many problems, they cannot solve every concern you may have regarding your body’s appearance or function. Some concerns are better addressed in different ways, and sadly, some problems cannot be very well treated by any means. But, if you feel one of many plastic surgery procedures may be right for you, how do you pick the best plastic surgeon?

Find out here how to walk through the process of considering if plastic surgery could be right for you, how to pick the best surgeon, and how to plan to have plastic surgery.

Below on this page are ways in which Dr Dufresne may be able to help you!

For additional reliable consumer information about a cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery procedure, visit the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Areas of Practice

Explore ways in which Dr Dufresne may be able to help you!

While most elite academic surgeons of his rank and status rarely if ever see patients, Dr Dufresne enjoys giving each patient his undivided personal attention and offering them a broad variety of plastic surgery procedures appropriate to their individual needs and preferences.

If you are feeling like you look tired, older than you feel, or are bothered by your appearance in some way, cosmetic surgery can potentially help you achieve a new, natural look that is in harmony with how you feel about yourself. While facelifts, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and liposuction have all been popular procedures for many years, potential patients now have the benefit of newer techniques, technologies, and procedures that in the experienced, caring, and capable hands of Dr Dufresne can provide better results than ever, often with shorter recovery periods than in the past. Many cosmetic surgeries can even be done as outpatient plastic surgery procedures without general anesthesia.

If you have experienced an accident that left visible or functional injuries, a cancer surgery that left you feeling mutilated, or been born with a cleft lip or other birth defect, you are not alone! Millions of people worldwide and in the US suffer from disfigurement and functional problems that can be helped by reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive surgery is the area of plastic surgery concerned with creating a more normal appearance; whereas, cosmetic surgery is concerned with reducing signs of aging or enhancing a normal body. Reconstructive surgery is done for two major reasons: correction of birth defects or repair following burns and trauma. Trauma can mean many things, including reconstruction following cancer surgery, most commonly breast cancer. Surgical treatment of skin cancer is also included under reconstructive surgery. Innovative techniques and procedures, many developed or pioneered by Dr Dufresne, offer hope to many potential patients for whom little could have been done in even the recent past.

Is your face or hands showing signs of aging that don’t match how you feel on the inside? Are you ready for a refreshed look but maybe not ready to consider surgery? Or maybe you’ve had surgery but want a touch-up? Cosmetic injections in the safe and skillful hands of Dr Dufresne could be the answer for you!

Is your skin feeling dull or uneven? Do you have age spots or other mild cosmetic blemishes? Our medical aesthetician can help you look and feel your best!

Whether you are considering or have had cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, or cosmetic injections, it is always important to care for, protect, and beautify your largest organ, your skin. With Dr Dufresne’s specially curated line of products, many only available from selected physicians’ offices, you have many excellent choices from which to make your selection with guidance from Dr Dufresne and his medical aesthetician.

From facelifts, rhinoplasties, chin augmentation to liposuction and breast augmentation, Dr Dufresne offers a diverse menu of cosmetic surgery procedures to help you look your best!

If you have skin cancer or endured a mastectomy or another disfiguring injury or disease and are considering reconstructive surgery, Dr Dufresne brings the skill and experience to tackle even the most difficult situations with safety and grace.

Or if cosmetic injections such as Botox are on your mind, don’t settle for any injector. Trust only the best. For safety, surgical skill, precision, and artistry with every injection, see Dr Dufresne today!

Dr Dufresne can help.

Plastic surgery options for you

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Plastic surgery PROCEDURES for women, men, children, people of color, and people of Different Ethnicities

While many common principles apply across plastic surgery, special considerations are needed for different types of patients. Dr Dufresne understands this and enjoys the challenges and rewards of diversity in plastic surgery patients he helps.

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