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Build a relationship of trust with Dr Dufresne built on your health and happiness. Be unburdened and enjoy a new level of personalized medicine at it’s very best with Dr Dufresne. Located in the Metropolitan DC area and convenient to international airports and a metro stop, it is easy to reach Dr Dufresne’s office.

Welcome from Dr Dufresne

I would like to welcome you to my practice. I believe that the patient-physician relationship is unique and that communicating openly and honestly is crucial to a successful relationship. Getting thoroughly acquainted with new patients and their needs and expectations is one of my foremost priorities.

During our initial consultation, we will discuss your medical history, current lifestyle, concerns, and expectations. Various procedures that are most effective in achieving those results will be discussed, along with the risks and benefits of the procedures. I have always striven to offer the best in latest technology and medications. Most importantly, I believe that it is my duty to first be a caring and compassionate doctor. Being a good doctor may include honestly discussing when it is in the best interest of my patients to change the timing or type of procedure.

Over the years, my practice has been built on the principles of caring and commitment to my patients. It is important to me to instill in my patients trust and confidence that I will be their best advocate and the assurance that their comfort and well-being will always receive my utmost attention.

I invite you to contact our office to reserve a time to discuss your needs in person and look forward to answering any questions you may have.


Craig R Dufresne, MD, FACS, FICFS

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Let your journey begin!

Reception & Patient Care

the Definitive Choice in Plastic Surgery

craig r dufresne md plastic surgeon in whitecoat and surgeon's cap standing and talking with patient who is on a procedure table

Upon arrival at our plastic surgery office in Fairfax, Virginia, patients are received in a comfortable waiting room and met by professional and caring staff, who welcome them into one of Dr Dufresne’s modern consultation rooms or well-equipped, dedicated procedure rooms. Dr Dufresne’s office is comfortable, private, quiet, handicapped accessible, and peaceful places, where each patient receives prompt and undivided attention and can be at ease while exploring options for cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, or treatment with injectable cosmetics with Dr Dufresne.

Explore our Plastic Surgery Office

Welcome to Dr Dufresne’s comfortable, private, quiet, handicapped accessible, and peaceful Fairfax, Virginia office.

In his Fairfax office, Dr Dufresne maintains a small, modern research laboratory to facilitate his quest to develop innovative solutions to complex challenges in craniofacial surgery.

Additionally, Dr Dufresne has an extensive, long-established, and diverse local, national, and global network of clinical and scientific colleagues, whose collective knowledge-base enriches the level of care he is able to provide and contributes to successful outcomes for his patients. Dr Dufresne also has a supportive and long-established relationship with the US National Institutes of Health and several major university-affiliated teaching hospitals in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

Scientific Environment

the future of Plastic Surgery

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Supporting American Manufacturing

Our office supports you: the American worker. From bandages to high-end optics, if an appropriate American-made option exists, we strive to use it and support our fellow Americans who made it. This is not to detract from the many excellent foreign-made products we use each day or the workers who made them, but supporting American manufacturing where we are able supports our friends, neighbors, family, and the people in our communities who depend on these jobs.



Contact our office to schedule a time for your consultation with Dr Dufresne and understand which facility is best for you to have your plastic surgery procedure performed.

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