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Understand research ethics and be part of something bigger than yourself as a patient, collaborator, or industry partner in Dr Dufresne’s program.

Safe, Scientific, & Patient-Focused Research

Dr Dufresne strives to improve lives and health in many ways, and by conducting research and through academic publications and presentations, he can multiply the impact of his commitment to caring and concern for patients worldwide. Patients who participate in his research receive the same exceptional care as patients who are not in research but are making valuable contributions to humanity. In some instances, patients who participate in research may have access to some research treatments. 

Collaborators in Dr Dufresne’s research benefit from his vast experience and networking. Industry partners reap the rewards of working with a world-renowned plastic surgeon who shows the same attention to detail and commitment for their project that have defined his practice of medicine for four decades.

To safeguard patients, ensure scientific rigour, and engender public trust, all research and other academic work receives strict ethics review. Reviews, approvals, and monitoring of research are conducted by an institutional review board, a special research oversight committee required by US Federal regulation and international agreement. The practice has provided a written assurance – called a Federalwide Assurance – to the relevant US Federal agency that the practice complies with Federal regulations and maintains all proper policies and procedures for the protection of human participants in research. The practice Federalwide Assurance FWA00027267 has been approved by the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP).

To ensure transparency and public awareness, protocols of clinical studies and systematic reviews are prospectively registered on Clinical and the NIHR’s PROSPERO.


review for safety and science

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“We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from life.” —Sir William Osler, the Father of Modern Medicine

Why research?

elevating humanity through research

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To improve lives and bring hope, Dr Dufresne marshalls the broad armamentarium of academia. Some of these academic tools do not fall within the strict definition of research but are all important to create a full picture for doctors and researchers striving to advance care and theory.



& Editorial Board

In addition to his own research and many contributions he has made to the work of others, Dr Dufresne has served as a journal editor and regularly serves as a peer reviewer for many medical journals, including:

Be sure to visit Dr Dufresne’s Publons profile to review his peer review record from participating sources!

Contact our office to schedule a time for any inquiries or potential editorships for Dr Dufresne.

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