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In “About this Website,” discover the reasoning behind our web content; why some aspects seem to be missing—like patient ratings, before and after plastic surgery photographs, and patient testimonials; and how our website was created.

Why do some parts of the website seem to be missing, and who is responsible for this website?

Before and After Plastic Surgery Photographs

In recognition of many potential ethical concerns surrounding them, we do not provide Before and After plastic surgery photographs on our website. While this decision is primarily to protect the patients’ identities, it is also very easy to take misleading or inaccurate photographs, either purposefully or inadvertently. Providing Before and After plastic surgery photographs can give prospective patients a false impression of potential results they may experience. Prospective patients are encouraged to be very wary of social media and website-hosted Before and After plastic surgery photographs provided by other surgeons. 

Dr Dufresne makes a strong effort to take clear and accurate photographs and provides the opportunity to review representative–not just extreme examples–Before and After plastic surgery photographs during consultations, where an open and honest discussion can take place. Contact us to reserve a time for your consultation with Dr Dufresne.

PATIENT Testimonials & patient ratings

While many statements from patients about the care they received are genuine, heartfelt, and unsolicited, patient testimonials & patient ratings still only represent one patient’s personal, subjective experience, either positive or not. Dr Dufresne appreciates hearing from thankful patients and being apprised of concerns, but we do not publish these comments. We do not want prospective patients to be unduly influenced by subjective, unscientific data that cannot account for the medical differences of each patient which contribute, either positively or negatively, to their outcome. 

During your consultation, Dr Dufresne will provide his complication and success rates, in comparison with accepted standard rates, for the treatments or procedures appropriate for you. This type of information will allow you to understand your choices more fully and make a more informed decision. Contact us to reserve a time for your consultation with Dr Dufresne.

External Links

Links to websites outside of are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by the office of Dr Craig R Dufresne, MD, FACS, FICFS, of any of the products, services, or opinions of the corporation, organization, or individual. Dr Dufresne bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality, or content of the external sites or for that of subsequent links. Contact the external sites for answers to questions regarding its content.


This visibility of brand names in photographs on this website does not constitute endorsement, and no remuneration is received for “product placement”.

Logos featured on this website are the exclusive property of their respective copyright holders, and the logos are used for illustrative purposes only.

News Media and Medical Journal Articles

Copyright for all news and special interest articles and videos is maintained by the organizations from which they originate. Downloads of these media, when available, are provided as a courtesy and do not imply ownership, endorsement, or control by the office of Dr Craig R Dufresne, MD, FACS, FICFS or of any current or former member thereof.

Copyright for most medical journal articles is maintained by the journal or publisher, and these articles cannot be posted publicly. Upon reasonable request, any article to which the office has access can be provided in most cases. Contact us to request an article. Thank you for understanding.

Text and Images on this Website

Except as noted below, no stock images or clipart appear on this website, and all images are original, with copyright held by Dr Dufresne. All text is original, new text written for this updated website, except as noted below, and the copyright is held by Dr Dufresne.


Copyright for some images is retained by organizations or persons external to the practice. Non-original images include:

The Skincare Products’ descriptions and their order are retained from the previous website. Descriptions of services offered for Non-Medical Skincare are also retained from the previous website.

Patients Featured in Images on this Site

Unlike most plastic surgery websites, no models are used in any images appearing on this website, except for stock images that may periodically appear in advertising Seasonal Specials. Most photographs with patients are taken during the course of regular consultations or procedures. In all cases, persons appearing as patients are current patients who freely give informed consent to be photographed and to have their likeness used for marketing by Dr Dufresne. No patients are compensated for their contributions. 

Website Development and Maintenance

The website was created and is maintained by Dr Dufresne’s office staff. Except for website hosting and the software used for website functionality, no third-party is involved. Contact the webmaster for questions, comments, or website issues.

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